Financial Journalism and the Negativity Narrative

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This month’s client’s corner focuses on financial journalism and the negative new bias.

Staying informed is important but placing too much weight on long-term forecasts can often leave investors misinformed and lead to poor decisions. As long-term money managers, we train our clients to see past the noise of the financial media and focus on their long-term goals without sweating the bumps along the road.

Negative news sells. Often referred to as the “bad news bias”, the simple fact is that human psychology drives people to have strong emotional reactions to negative headlines. News outlets know this and try to exploit this gap in human psychology because it ultimately results in more clicks and more revenue.

Financial markets are resilient. They have crashed, recovered, and reached new high’s time and time again. Don’t get sucked into the endless stream of doom and gloom headlines. Stick with your plan, look past the noise, segment your investments into buckets, and utilize dollar-cost averaging, and over the long run you’ll come out on top.

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